Thursday, September 13, 2012

Types of Government

I designed posters to introduce the types of Government to my son. I included the: Democracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Anarchy, Authoritarism, Dictatorship, Republic, Theocracy, and Totalitarism. 

The objective is to introduce a simple language yet informational. The pictures are attractive and meaningful with the pursuit to make the student absorbs and captures the context of the subject.

This lesson will explain the subject matter may be followed by a role-play. I suggest the class be divided into 9 groups and each one will present their theme. Children learn by playing and role-play would be a great idea to put this topic into context. I designed this material for a first grader as I believe children are super intelligent and learning is limitless. I hope you enjoy my poster.

The poster is available for free on TPT, just click on the following link to download your free copy :

Please inform me if you have any questions, suggestion or comments with regards this material. I would also very much appreciate opinion and rating. Thanks :))!!


Below are two examples of the posters:

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