Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today was a great day, we studied genre. I printed out on Teachers pay Teachers website the genre label to stick on my little library I have at home. The labels are: fairy tale, folktale, realistic fiction, poetry, fantasy, mystery, non-fiction,  biography, autobiography and historical fiction.

I read the labels aloud to my son and explained each one of it to him and also gave examples of books we read. Afterwards, I placed a few books on the table and asked him to label. He was very good in sorting the books out, I was impressed :))). 

Subsequently, I rearrange our library. I asked my son to arrange the books according to the label. It seems that he loves fantasy books :)).

We did not have any book about biography, autobiography and historical fiction which we have to go to our local library and borrow. If you have any suggestions of books please inform me.

I also want to introduce narrative genre to him, I would love to know if you have any suggestion of books I could show him.

Have a terrific day.

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