Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things I love book

We went to the local library today and we borrowed a book called Easy Art Fun - do-it-yourself crafts for beginning readers by Jill Frankel Hauser; it is a great book with plenty craft ideas.

My son wanted to do an activity named "Lace-Up Book" where he drew things that he loves.

2 sheets of construction paper, different colours;
Hole punch;
Yarn or string;
Child safety scissors.


1st step: Hold the two sheets together. Fold three times to make 4 sides.

2nd step: Punch holes around the edges.

3rd step: They write on the little book anything they want: four things they love; or four things they love about their pet/school/best friend; or four wishes. 
My son decided to write about the things he loves. I asked him to name it, and he told me it was his dog and his brother, and mum and dad. I told my son: "we don't have a dog yet, and you don't have a brother!" Then he replied: "I know it, but I will have it one day, and I will ask Jesus to send me a dog and bother." I told him that he could have them on the things he wishes to have :)))). He was very pleased with that :)). I love his honesty; it melted my heart, super sweet :)))!!!!.

4th step: Tread the yarn or string through the holes. knot the ends and cut off the extra yarn or string.

5th step: Close the book.

This is a pretty and inexpensive book. It was also fun to make it :)). A great activity that builds confidence and improve hand and eye coordination.

Have fun :)))!!!

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