Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello :))), hope you had a great day!!!
Today it was our first day of 1st grade,  my son and I were ecstatic. We had a conversation yesterday about the objectives and responsibilities of being a 1st grader. I also explained briefly to him the subjects we are going to study and his daily schedule. He was very pleased to know that he stepped up another level in his life, and he is looking forward to reaching the goals we set for the following year. When we began our day today he was fairly excited and eager to learn, ecstatic had ebb however not lost :)).

Undaunted, Tuesday was to be great as we were going to cover grammar and writing subject. In the month of September I will focus on teaching adjectives and punctuation and capitalisation. I decided to spend a month on this subject because I want him to fully comprehend the meanings and be able to use it in real life situation, as well as being able to explain.

In our adjective lesson, I quizzed him on the reasons why he thinks I love him. We have a game we play at home where we ask each other the reason's why we love one another. I used this approach to teach him to understand the qualities he was describing to me are called adjectives, which we use to describe a person, object or animal.

Then I asked him to make a sketch on the paper, write the words and then colour. When finished with colouring he wrote the adjectives that he described to me on the paper. I loved this activity so much as it helps my son to know himself better and build confidence. He also loved the artwork and could not wait to show his dad :)). The idea of this brilliant activity came from Life in First Grade -

The image below is his final artwork.

To introduce a few adjectives I also designed the following poster.

Hope this post inspires you for your next adjective lesson. Please inform me if you have any question, suggestion or comment. Thanks :))).


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