Friday, September 28, 2012


In our science lesson today we learned about Evolution. We read three very informative books: Evolution Revolution - from Darwin to DNA  by DK Publishing; Evolving Planet - Four Billion Years of Life on Earth by Erica Kelly & Richard Kissel; Dinosaurs by David Burnie.

My son also played games online on

We have been studying creation for three weeks already, and I explained to him briefly that there was the theory of Evolution to take into consideration. Nevertheless, today we learned more in depth about this subject matter. However, we focused more on the dinosaurs. Again, I told him that its important for him to know all the theories involving the beginning of life, but we believe in God's creation because we are Christians.

I found a great idea presented on the Enchanted Learning website to create a dinosaur diorama:
We thought it was so cool that we decided to create our own dinosaur habitat :)).

We used the following materials:

Book box, cereal box, crayons, glue, glitter, construction paper and the printed dinosaurs templates available on Enchanted Learning website:

1st step: I sketched the volcano and landscape, and my son colored.

2nd step: He used glitter to create the volcano lava, and cotton wool to design the clouds. We used a cereal box to design the ground which was wrapped with green construction paper.

3rd step: He glued the dinosaurs, which was previously colored by him, onto the cardboard.

It was a great educational activity that can be done with recycled materials. My son had a lot of fun creating this diorama and playing dinosaurs afterwards.
Hope you enjoy our post :))). Have a terrific weekend. Thanks!!!


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