Saturday, August 11, 2012

Practising Phonics

On July 18th I posted "Rhyming words with phonetics" where I demonstrated how to create a flip book to help your child to develop reading skills. My son is reading all the words already, and in order to introduce more words I wanted to assess him to verify whether or not he is also able  to write the words based on a picture given.

The worksheet is available for free on teacherspayteachers website. To be able to download your free copy just click on the link below.

In this assessment the student will write the words on the line given according to the picture shown. This exercise is a great tool to assess the child’s capability to write a word based on recognition of a given picture. It promotes the development of phonics, word recognition, and spelling.

Answer key 1st sheet: men, mat, cat, dog, pan, hen, log, and can.
Answer key 2nd sheet:frog, fog, pen, hog, bat, ten, man, rat, fan, and hat.

I would be grateful to receive any comment or suggestion from you :))!!!! Thanks.
Fabiana Carter

The image below is a sample of the worksheet.

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