Monday, August 20, 2012

Batman party favour

I designed a really cute Batman party favour which I would like to share with you. I simply used paper bags, glue, string, black construction paper to make the cape, and a printed child Batman face, a thank you message, and a Batman logo to glue onto the Batman cape.



1st step: Glue the thank you message onto the bag and fold it forward approximately 3 inches.

2nd step: Glue the cape facing the back of the paper. The cape is 9 inches in height, fold 1 inch and glue just this much onto to the folded paper. We did not stick the rest of the cape onto the paper to give a nice effect that Batman's cape is flowing in the wind. 

3rd: Afterwards glue the child Batman face onto the folded paper, leaving the ears out of the paper.

4th step: Make two holes on the paper to attach the string.

5th step: Put the favours in the bag and tie the string on each side of the hole. Then it is done and you are ready to enjoy the party :))))!!!!

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