Thursday, May 31, 2012


I love taking my son out to play soccer  and play at the playground. This is a great way for them to socialise coupled with putting in practice the things they learn at home, having fun, keeping them fit, and also experiencing new things.

My two nephews were present, therefore I had 3 super energetic boys at home. It was a beautiful sunny day and I needed to have them out in the sunshine playing.

We went to the local playground and my youngest nephew, who is 2 years and 6 months old, discovered an insect and dashed toward me exclaiming: "auntie, auntie a Ladybug, a Ladybug" :). The 3 of us followed him to seek the Ladybug's whereabouts and found to our delight there were ants carrying a piece of cracker. They bent down to observe the ants and I captured the following brilliant photo.

I wanted to share this moment with you all because it was the highlight of my day. Seeing their little faces fascinated with their new discovery was simply priceless. They were so curious about them, they asked me so many questions, such as: what were the ants doing? why were they carrying the cracker? and where were they heading? We talked about the ants for awhile and we left to play again. Nature is amazing and I dare say there is so much to learn and teach.

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