Thursday, August 1, 2013

What makes you happy

Hello :)))!!!!

Today was a great day :)!!! We studied in the morning, and in the afternoon we went for a bike riding at the Japanese Garden, which is a small beautiful garden. We had a great time exploring the garden and chatting. I selected two pictures to show you the place: the first one is my big baby and I, sharing a moment of love :), and the second one is an image of a bird that was also appreciating the view :).

I love this little Batman boy very much!!!!!!

I also would like to share with you what my son wrote today. In order to help my son improve his writing skills, I usually ask him to write a journal of his day or a theme that is interesting to him. I also tend to query subjects wit regards to his routine and the people around him. Today he wrote about the things that makes him happy. The image below shows his answer.

It was the sweetest answer!!!! I was very proud of him for valuing his family and friends, as well as simple things, which are normally the most memorable. I feel very happy and blessed that God gave me such a beautiful child, who is mature enough to understand what makes you happy is to be around those whom love you the most and also doing simple things, like riding a bike :).

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I hope you felt inspired today :). Thanks.


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