Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello everyone :)))!!! Hope you are all well.

Having a baby in the house is awesome!!!!! I love watching dad and the big brother been melted away by the little one :). My baby is a sweetheart who made us all fall in love with him the minute he was born.
My son is a wonderful brother, he is always willing to help and protect his brother. Every time the baby cries he holds his little hand to make him feel secure :) -  awwwwww!!!! This is definitely going to be a great experience for my son as he is learning to take care of a little baby, as well as being responsible, gentle and careful.

My son is also enjoying his summer break doing loads of outdoors activities with his dad,  whilst studying. This week we have been doing many interesting exercises. The following are examples of the activities he has been doing:

  1. wrote the number from 1 to 120;
  2. measured 10 objects in the house with inches and cm;
  3. read the Bible and wrote 10 facts;
  4. found an object in the house that starts with each letter of the alphabet;
  5. wrote 5 words for each of the family words: ake, all, ock, ox, eat and ight;
He also studied weight. We made a scale, which we took the model from  kidsactivitiesblog.

Afterwards, we hung it on a chair and measured different types of objects to pratice: as heavy as, heavier than and lighter than. He also completed many exercises to practice weight in his Singapore Math books.

Hope you enjoyed our post. Have a terrific day!!!! Thanks!


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