Thursday, June 20, 2013

Word Wall Book

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!!!!

One of the things that brings joy to my heart is to hear my son's laugh, and when he gives me a huge smile, which for me is one of his most beautiful features. Like me, my son loves surprises, it can be a card, a toy, a piece of paper written I love you, a hug or kiss, or even a delicious meal cooked with love and prepared in a funny way. Today I was feeling inspired to surprise him with a fun, as well as healthy meal. When he saw it, he just gave me a massive smile, hugged me and said "thank you mama, I love it"!!!! Totally priceless :)))))).

About two months ago we moved to a new apartment and I was having problems to find a space to put our word wall. Since nothing was sorted, I decided to make a word wall book using a 3 ring binder. 

For each letter of the alphabet there is a poster showing a neat way to write the upper and lower case letters,  as well as the name of an animal that begins with the letter. Next, comes the sight words of that letter. The sight words I used in our book are from my own design. I have this material available at my TPT store, it includes 244 frequent words.

I also included a vowel and consonant poster in the beginning of the book to help my son to recognize them.  The vowel and consonant poster is also available at my TPT store. I used note stick to direct where the words are on the book to make it easier for my son to find.

I found this book to be better than sticking the words on the wall. I assume that many parents that homeschool their children, may sometimes, lack space and boards/walls to use as a display for their resources.  I am one of these parents, hence I had the idea to transform our word wall into a book. Nevertheless, I am very delighted with the result of the book. It is much easier and organized for my son to find the words when he needs them. As for me it is easy to add new words to the book wall.

I  also would like to emphasize that I believe is very important to have a word wall, no matter if it is illustrated on a wall or binder. My son consults it all the time to look up words when he is writing. Besides that, I may also say it is the first step to learning how to use a dictionary. Additionally, it improves spelling, reading and recognition of the words.

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