Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello :))), hope you had a good day!!!

This week my son is studying about spiders. We have two books that we are studying and learning all about these creatures, as well as the difference between them and insects. Both books are great resources to introduce bugs and spiders to your children. It is full of great illustrations, very colorful and the language is appropriate for their age, which makes reading easier.

My son also has done many exercises about life cycle of the spider, body parts, crosswords, writing and many others to help him comprehend the way spider lives, eats, hunts, molting and so on. All these exercises were printed from Kidzone.

 Furthermore, he did other tasks focusing on comparing insects and spiders. These exercises were great to make him understand the difference between these two species, and also studied them individually.

I wanted my son to make a spider, so when my son were talking about what type of spider he would make, he decided to create an argiope spider. The picture below illustrates the real spider.

 The following image is my son's creation of the argiope spider. It looks pretty good!!!!! He used a plastic ball, two wiggly eyes, chenille pipe and string to make the web.

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