Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello everyone, hope you had a great day :).

We had a very busy day, but also very pleasant.  We had a friend over for tea this afternoon, which was fabulous as we spent quality time together whilst eating delicious food. It's no secret that I love cooking, specially baking :))). Hence, on this lovely occasion I made homemade bread, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. I tried to prepare the table very vintagy but yet sophisticated.  If you would like to know the recipes please inform me and I will email it to you :).

This week we started a new subject, insects. My son has been reading many books to learn more in depth  information about insects, as well as making experiments, writing and completing exercises that involves the topic. So far, he is enjoying it very much!
The image below illustrates some of the books we have been reading this week. The books have eye-catching images, interesting facts, as well as stories to keep my son inspired and paying attention. We borrowed all these books at our local library.

 My son also did an experiment to try to catch bugs in a jar. He dug a hole, placed leaves in the jar to attract bugs and covered the jar with rocks. He left the jar in the garden overnight.

The  aforementioned experiment was conducted on Monday morning. He uncovered the jar on Tuesday morning. It rained a lot in Chicago on Monday night and the only bug my son was able to catch was a millipede. After evaluating his insect my son decided to put the jar back on the ground and leave it another day to attract other insects. I asked him to write a report of his findings on this experiment. 
Science projects are very important for our kids growth. Kids are very curios, they always have questions about everything, which is essential to develop their critical thinking skills. It is also a great tool to help us as parents to develop a strong bond with our children. Another advantage of these kind of projects is that our kids will learn faster when they see how things work. Science projects provide learning and fun that our kids need while they grow.

The following image are a few of the exercises my son completed.

I also asked him to work with number orders and comparing numbers, which I created in his math notebook.

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