Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hello everyone :))), hope you are having a wonderful week!!!!

This week my son started learning about frogs. We went to the library on Monday and borrowed many books that explains and illustrates the frog's habitat, cycle of life, the way they move and eat, as well as many interesting things that our children need to know about frogs. So far, my son is loving studying frogs :))).
A book that stood out for my son and also myself was "Little Green Frogs" by Frances Barry. It is an amazing book with attractive pages that explains the life cycle of the frog. The child has to unfold the pages and learn how the frogs develop from eggs to tadpoles to frogs. I highly recommend this book. When we go the book my son read it 5 times without pausing :)).

I also downloaded many useful materials on TPT to help my son to develop his understanding of the frog's life cycle. He used "The Life Cycle of a Frog Wheel" by Julia Lee - It is a great material that has different levels, which provided to my son plenty of writing and reading activities that enabled him to master the subject of the lesson.

Furthermore, he practiced math using a  great source from Oceans of First Grade "Frogs in Space"  - He also practiced addition and subtraction math riddles using a material was purchased from Kathy Law called "Frog Riddles" -

Tomorrow we will continue studying about frogs and I will post more activities he will do.

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