Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Butterfly and Ladybug

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This week we are continuing to study insects; my son is learning about them individually. He has studied about butterflies and ladybugs so far.

The image below is an illustration of the books my son read. Both books are incredible: Clara Caterpillar is a fiction and Monarch Butterfly a non-fiction book . I highly recommend them to teachers and parents. The Monarch Butterfly is an excellent non-fiction book for children to learn about life cycles. The text and illustrations are wonderfully well expressed, which made my child to understand easily the message that was given in the book. The author also includes the migration of the butterflies. The last pages explain how children can take care and observe a monarch butterfly to experience and investigate their life cycle. 

He also did a lot of exercises to help him understand the context of the lesson. I purchased an unit from TPT called Insects & Lifecycles MEGA Unit for Literacy, Math, & Science Centers. This pack is very good and useful.

Moreover,  my son also studied about ladybugs. He read two books as illustrated below. The Grouchy Ladybug is a wonderful fiction book, and Ladybug a non-fiction book . I highly recommend them to teachers and parents. The Ladybug is a great non-fiction book for children to learn interesting facts about ladybugs, including where they go in winter, their life cycle and predators.  Another great fact my son learned reading this book is that it explains the great value ladybugs have for farmers and gardeners as they help to control insect pests.

 My son did a lot of exercises, which were taken from the insect unit I purchased from TPT as aforementioned.

 Furthermore, my son painted a ladybug family on rocks.

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