Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello :)))), hope you are all doing well.
We purchased these books for our son called the "Time for Kids - Big Box Set of Why, How and What?". These books are very educational, complete with interesting facts that kids want to know, coupled with attractive pictures that captures the little one's attention. I highly recommend you to purchase this box set. My son is often reading them, asking me to explain the context of the topics, and super interested in doing the experiments.

We were reading about gelatin such as what it is made from and the uses. The book also offered a recipe  to make a smoothie pop, which my son wanted to do.

To make the pops you need: 1 box of flavored gelatin such as strawberry or orange; 2 cups of hot water; 2 cups of vanilla yogurt (we used strawberry yogurt) at room temperature; ice-pops molds or small paper cups and pop sticks.

1st step: Put the gelatin in the hot water and stir until the gelatin has completely dissolved. Mix in the yogurt.

2nd step: Pour the mixture into ice pop molds. If you are using paper cups, cover them with aluminum foil and put the a pop stick into the center of each one. We used yogurt cups.

3rd step: Freeze for two hours or until firm. When it is ready just remove the cup and savor the pop. It was very delicious :))).

Have a wonderful day. Thank you!!!!!


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