Friday, December 14, 2012


From yesterday, I begin teaching horticulture and simply about plants to my son. I downloaded a great source on TPT to teach him about plants, which was called "Amazing Plants". This material was very good with lots of information, written in simple language.  Moreover, it also contained plenty of exercises to practice the exercise, and help the student to comprehend the topic better. The teacher's manual is available for free on TPT. This material is based on the book "Amazing Plants" which is also available for purchase on TPT. I didn't buy the book, we went to the library and borrowed other books about plants, which were very useful. However, I downloaded the teacher's manual:

My son and I visit parks at least twice a day, and from the day we began learning about plants I would ask him questions related to what we studied:

-Can you name things that are alive in this park?
-Can you tell me the things that are not alive?
-Will you describe for me an example of a small, medium and large size plant?
-What is the difference between us and the plants?
-Why do we need plants?
-What are some ways pollination or seeds spread?
-What does a seed need for growth?

The following are the list of the books we borrowed from the library:

How Do Plants Get Food? by Barbara J. Davis
From Seed to Apple by Anita Ganeri
Plants and the Environment by Jennifer Boothroyd
Leaves by Patricia Whitehouse
Seeds by Patricia Whitehouse
Roots by Patricia Whitehouse
The Grass Patch Project  by Molly Blaisdell
Plants on a Farm  by Nancy Dickmann
Flowers Bloom!  by Mary Dodson Wade

My son also created a seed mosaic. I didn't have many seeds available at home, thus he used only sesame seeds, red beans, lentil seeds and bird seeds. However, you may use corn, rice, sunflower seeds, nut shells, black beans, or any other type you have at home. Before starting the mosaic, I helped him to sketch the picture.

Afterwards, he put glue on the pictures and started decorating.

 The image below is his final mosaic after he covered all the images.

It was a very productive and fun day. Hope you felt inspired :))!!

Have a wonderful weekend, thanks :)!!!


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