Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weather Vocabulary

I designed a set of weather vocabulary cards to introduce new vocabulary for our weather unit. These adorable cards may be used for any weather unit, be it a wall or vocabulary center. Each card has a meaningful and cute image related to the word that is been studied.   

It includes the meaning of: weather, sky condition,  temperature, wind, tornado, rain, hail, snow,
thunderstorm, lightning, thunder, hurricane, freezing rain, sleet, partly cloud, sunny, season, summer, fall, winter and spring.

This material is available on TPT, to download your copy please click on the following link -
I may suggest you to laminate these cards for durability.

Inform me please if you have any question, suggestion or comment about this material. I also would really appreciate your rate on this material. Thanks.


The images below are sample of the cards:


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