Monday, October 29, 2012

Weather Assessment

I designed this science assessment unit to evaluate my son’s understanding based on the season, weather and storm subjects.
This assessment contains 10 slides that covers:
- Seasons.
- Types of measurement instruments such as thermometer, anemometer, barometer, wind vane, rain gauge and hydrometer.
- Identifying temperature: hot or cold.
- Identifying meaning of storms and weather such as tornado, hurricane, hail, thunder, thunderstorm, lightning,  partly cloudy, rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain.

The assessment is illustrated with eye-catching images, as well as written in an appropriated language for the children to comprehend. All the exercises are comprised of matching drills, sketching  and multiple choice questions. I also included the answer key.

This material is available on TPT. To purchase your copy just click on the following link:

I would very much appreciate your comment or suggestion about this material, as well as rating. Thank you!!!!!


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