Monday, September 17, 2012

Sentence Flip Book

I designed these simple flip books to develop my son’s reading skills and to reinforce the sight words for beginning readers grasp of literacy. Each mini-booklet is on a single piece of paper for simply access of the user. Each flip book has a simple sentence with a word that changes when the page is flipped over. Each word change is supported by a delightful picture which needs to be cut out and placed together to create a booklet, in which the pictured item in the sentence is "flipped" up to create a new sentence each time.

For example: I see a cute “cat”, which will be flipped for “dog”, “monkey” and “panda”.

Each flip book has a ‘write-in” page for the student to write the sentence s/he read.

The objective of the flip book is to improve reading skills as well as build knowledge of sentence structure and order.

The material is available on TPT, to download your copy just click on the following link:

I hope this idea will inspire. Will you please inform your queries, suggestions or comments about this material? I would also love to receive a rating. Thanks very much!!!


The pictures below are samples of the flip books:

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