Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today I would like to recommend the Macmillan Dictionary for Children. This is a great dictionary designed to nudge children up the language ladder by including parts of speech, inflected forms, and pronunciation and also adding more advanced dictionary features, such as syllabification, cross-references, and idioms.

This dictionary is very easy to use, clear to understand the description, and the pictures are very colourful. It's a brilliant dictionary for children of all ages, well structured and engaging.


We were doing an activity about adjectives, and my son needed to find an adjective to describe a puppy for each letter of the alphabet. We used the dictionary to search for the adjectives. My son had a lot of fun searching the words and was very interested to learn about what the pictures were showing. It was a great educational activity!!!!

Hope you find this dictionary as useful as we found. Have a great evening!!!! Thanks!!!!


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