Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flying Lollipop Superhero

This week I have been quite busy organising and decorating things for my son's party. There is a website called Little Bit Funky which I resourced to obtain some inspiration for the decoration of the party. There was a post suggesting a crafter-Superhero valentine which I adapted to my son's party. The following link is their version of the craft: -

The idea of the craft is to create flying superheroes using lollipops. All you need is lollipops, construction paper, string, Zap! sign, your choice of superhero logo, a box, and glue.

The pictures below show our flying lollipop superheroes.

After gluing the cape and the Zap! sign onto the lollipop and made small holes on the box and stuck the lollipops. 

I absolutely loved this idea, and I think it looked adorable. I believe the kids will love it. If you have any questions or suggestions please inform me. Have a great day. Thanks. Fabiana.

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