Monday, August 6, 2012

Bulding Skyline

As my son's birthday party is approaching, I have to start designing the decoration for his party. The theme is Batman. Yesterday I started creating the building skyline to decorate the table.

Materials: Empty box, black and yellow construction paper, and glue.


1st step: Wrap a box with black construction paper. I used 3 sheets to wrap the box box that is showing below.

2nd step: Cut small squares of yellow construction paper of 2.5 inches each, and glue it onto the box. I glued the yellow squares in front and back of the building.

I decorated 3 boxes, which I think looks quite cute :))).

I am designing other things as well, which I will be posting as it is finished. Hope this artwork may be useful for you somehow. Have a wonderful day!!! Thanks.

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