Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing supermarket

Today my son and I played pretending supermarket to practice counting coins; I was the cashier and he was the customer. The grocery shop was quite small so we had a lot of time to converse :))))!!! I had empty boxes, bottles and cartons of products we find at the supermarket. I put the price tag and gave real coins to my son to pay for the things he would purchase. All the products were less than a dollar as I wanted him to practice recognition of coins as well as being able to count it to give the right amount of money.

My son loves playing pretending games as well as dressing up, thus he enjoyed this games very much. We played this game for approximately 1 hour and we both had a lot of fun. A great and educational game that can be performed with the products you have at home, which will enable them to learn how to count the coins and use it in a real life situation.

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