Monday, July 23, 2012

Batman party invitation

I was searching on the Internet to purchase Batman party invitations to invite my son’s friends for his 5th Birthday party. Although I found great invitations, none of them were what I was expecting to buy. Therefore I decided to create it and design it with the materials I have at home. I presented the first draft to my husband and he cooperated to improve the idea to something really amazing that made both of us proud. 

There were three things that we considered essential in our invitation: the Batman shadow, the "Pow" explosion effect, and the building skyline. My husband is a brilliant drawer, and his main duty was to sketch the Batman shadow and the "Pow" explosion effect. The Batman shadow was the hardest one to design, it took him 15 minutes to finish, but the result was perfect :)!!! The “Pow” explosion effect was easier and quick to finish. To make the building skyline I researched on Internet and found a card that had a skyline drawn, so I cut it and copied it, and made a few adjustments on my computer. 

I thought in sharing this idea with you all because I really think the invitation looked great, and we received great complements from our friends. I also thought in those who were looking for something unique, special and made with love could use our creation :))). I am really proud of this work as it was something my husband and I did together, and we put a lot of effort and love into designing this invitation.


1st step: Sketch the Batman shadow on a cardboard, preferable a cereal box, to make it easier to copy to the yellow construction paper. When finish copying it, cut it.

2nd step: Sketch and cut the “Pow” explosion effect. I made half of this with black construction paper, and half with yellow construction paper. 

3rd step: Glue the party details onto the “Pow” explosion effect. 

 In case you would like some inspiration for your party details, the image below is a sample of ours :))!!

Batman (name of the child) will be (age) years old and invites all his Marvel and DC Comic friends to join him for a heroes costume party on a super secret mission!!!!!!

The Bat time will be:
 (Day of the week), (Month) (Day of the Month) at (time) to (time)

And the Bat location:
(place and address where the party will be held)

                 Répondez s'il vous plaît RSVP  (Your telephone number)
We would really appreciate your confirmation by (Date).

4th step: Fold the ends of the blue construction paper meeting both edges in the middle.

5th step: Glue the details of the party on the inside part of the invitation.

6th step: Fold the ends of the blue construction paper again, meeting both ends in the middle. Afterwards glue the skyline on both sides. The blue paper works as the sky in this artwork, hence the skyline is not the same size as the sides of the blue paper.

6th step: Close the invitation with the sketched Batman shadow putting a little bit of glue on both edges and middle.

7th step: Distribute the invitations :))))!!!! The following picture is our final invitation.

Please inform me if you have any doubt, suggestion, or need any help. Thanks :)))!!!!

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