Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was researching science activities on the Internet to strengthen the use of letter "V". Consequently,  I found many websites explaining the chemical reaction you need to obtain the eruption of a volcano.

I prepared the paper- mache paste with 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of cornstarch and 5 cups of water. I cooked the paste until it got thick, and left it cooling off for about 1 hour. Meanwhile, I commenced to designing the shape of our volcano.

Using a paper towel roll, I cut it into 6 pieces, arranged it like a flower layered twice; assembled using tape. I additionally prepared the card board to set the volcano on top center.

Furthermore, I arranged on the table the colours: red, yellow and orange paint to apply to the volcano. The aim was not to paint the volcano, but drip the liquid onto the paper to have a lava appearance. I also displayed the baking soda and vinegar, as well as the cooled paper-mache paste. The boys began to fill up the volcano with the paste, which we put around it and inside. Afterwards, I wrapped the paper-mache paste with a paper bag attempting to replicate the cliff/rock effect.

The boys started dripping the colour around the volcano. The sequence was: red, orange and yellow. They did the circle sequence 6 times. The picture below shows the process and how it appeared when we finished painting.

Finally we began the eruption process. The boys were super excited in this moment :)))!!!! They put first baking soda and then slowly the vinegar. They douse the volcano three times with the vinegar. In the end of our experience they were pouring vinegar like it was water coming through the tap, lol!!!!!! They were extremely enchanted by this experience, so much so that they didn't want to stop.

The following photo was our first eruption.

The image below was the end of our experience.

We had such a fantastic experience today, the kids simply loved it. They were so fascinated with the volcano; it was an awesome experiment!!!! They were talking about it most of the day and asked me to do it again, again, again, again, again and again. 

My son was having a shower whilst playing with an empty shampoo bottle pretending it was an erupting volcano. It is clear that this experience impacted his day: "Mom the activity today was great, I really liked it, and would like to do it again!!!!" He said that with a big smile on his face :). For me this is priceless!!!!!

This is a great science experience that developed team work, whilst learning the results of cause and effect. Science made fun as well as great activity to enjoy with your little ones.

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