Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School Bus

Our craft activity for the day was to create a school bus out of a milk carton. We used 2 yellow construction papers, 1 paper towel roll to make the wheels, I cut 3 photos of children from a magazine, 1 photo of a man to be the driver. 

I cut the paper towel roll into 4 pieces and my son coloured it with black crayon. We also used glue, tape, a red "stop" sign, and black construction paper to make the lights, and other parts of the bus.

Using glue my son wrapped the yellow construction paper around the milk carton. We used the tape to stick the paper onto the milk carton to design the front side of the bus.

Afterwards, my son glued the photos of the children, and a thin strip of black construction paper on the left side of the bus, and two strips on the right side. I asked him to write "School Bus" on the right side of the bus, as well as glue the stop sign.

Following he glued the lights and the grille assemble (I think this is the right name :)))) in front of the bus, as well as the driver and the division between the driver and the door. To stick the wheels on the bus, we used the tape.

 The images below shows the final artwork of the school bus.

An easy and simple craft to emphasise the usage of the letter "Y"; including hand and eye coordination.

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