Monday, June 18, 2012


I wanted to have a poster of numbers up to 100, but I found it a bit expensive to buy at the store or on the internet. The price was $29.98 on Amazon. Thus I decided to create a numbers poster myself to save money. I bought a 22 x 28 inches poster board at Office Depot for $3.49, and used black marker from home. It took me 30 minutes to finish the chart.

The picture below shows the final number chart. The first time you look at the chart you might think the numbers are quite big and possibly confusing, but there is an explanation :)))). I created it purposely this way as I wanted to make it more difficult for him to identify the numbers, as my aim was to make him pay attention to each number and understand its sequence. I also believe that when he sees a similar chart in an easier format he will recognise it effortlessly.

I asked my son to count the numbers written on the chart, and I was delighted with the result as he performed it in the way I expected: paying attention to each number and comprehending the way it is arranged.

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