Thursday, May 16, 2013

Frog Hat

Today was a very productive and nice day :). We started our day learning the difference between frogs and toads. We read Days with Frog and Toad, and also checked on Kidzone to learn more scientifically the difference between them. Two other websites that helped my son to understand the dissimilarities were All About Frogs and Kiddyhouse.

Afterwards, my son worked on comparing and contrasting frogs and toads. This was a great cut and paste activity for him to compare and contrast frogs and toads on the Venn Diagram.  He also did a creative writing.

Once my son wrote the reasons he would rather be a frog on his creative writing activity :), he was ready to make his frog hat. I used construction paper to cut the templates, which I printed from making friends,  and my son put it together. He used cotton balls and pompons to create the eyes, and chenille pipe cleaners to hold the hat on his head. It looked pretty cool :))!!!

In the afternoon, my son worked with reading comprehension using a Frog and Toad Together Mini Lesson that I printed for free on TPT.  My son did two tasks with this exercise. The first one he read the story and then put it in order according to the text. In the second task, I took all the papers away and asked him to put the story in order without looking at the text. When he finished, I asked him to go back to his first task and compare them to see if his answers were right. He did a great job retelling the story. This was a great exercise in reading comprehension, which I recommend you to download.

He also did a few exercises to practice contractions.

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Thanks and good luck!!!!


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